Futurecom is the largest B2B platform for content and connectivity in Latin America. For over 20 years promoting the market, combining exposure, experiences, debates, networking and demonstrations on the impacts of technology applications in practically all segments of the economy, generating great business opportunities.

“Connecting the Interactions – the era of connected data, people and business interaction”

The theme was brought up because it is precisely the counterpoint of peer-to-peer connectivity, which for more than 200 years was the reality of communications, like when two children played with cans connected by a wire. The arrival of the internet, OTTs (and social networks) expanded the reality of broadcast (peer-to-multipeer) to a new stage, where many talk to many, or many interact with many. Hence the thought and need to expand traditional connectivity to connectivity that enables multiple (infinite) interactions.” – Hermano Pinto, director of Futurecom

Why visit Futurecom

The event, which is a reference in the technology. It is a 3-day tradeshow with highly qualified content in the most modern pavilion in São Paulo, at São Paulo Expo.
National and international companies present a diversified mix of products, innovations and trends in the technological sector, establishing an environment to increase your relationship and potential business networks to help your company face the challenge of digital transformation.

• Get an updated view of the sector
• Strengthen your relationships with market players
• Watch product and service demonstrations up close
• Take advantage of the content attractions to enhance your professional knowledge
• Increase your relationship network