Futurecom Digital Summit was a Success!

From June 22 to July 2, the Futurecom Digital Summit took place, the first online and totally free event from Futurecom. 8 days of event totally online, with more than 25 hours of content, more than 100 speakers, more than 11 thousand people from all regions of Brazil and from various locations around the world.


The pandemic has forever changed the way companies operate.
Decision making in an agile way is fundamental for business resilience, whether rethinking or creating new models.

There is nothing more imperative than understanding the importance of connectivity and the adoption of exponential technologies for business success.

Futurecom, recognized event as the key platform of content and relationship for the Technology Ecosystem in Latin America, brings for the digital environment,  debates, cases & discussions under the theme World beyond Pandemic to keep you and your business up to date with the latest technology and management trends.

There will be 2 daily sessions, from June 22nd to July 2nd, bringing 25 hours of totally free content.

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Check the schedule:

Monday, 29th June

2pm - 2:20pm

Fireside Chat: Regulation of Open Banking in Brazil: Opening New Opportunities
Otavio Damaso, Regulation's Director , Banco Central do Brasil

Debate: Revolutionizing Financial Services through Open Banking

- API delivery and management- Opportunities: new models and products
- Data risks
- Traditional banks changing their approaches
- Liability, exemptions and risk analysis of transactions
- User Experience
- How does the competition between banks stand?

Mediator: Eduardo Neger, ABRANET

Tiago Aguiar, Superintendente de Novas Plataformas (Negócios Digitais) na TecBan - Tecnologia Bancária S.A.
José Luiz Rodrigues, Conselheiro, ABFintech
Leandro Vilain, Diretor de Políticas e Negócios e Operações, FEBRABAN
Sergio Biagini, Sócio-Lider da Indústria de Financial Services, Deloitte 
Ivo Mósca, Superintendent of Open Banking & Instant Payments, Itaú

2:20pm - 3:45pm


3:45pm - 6pm - BREAK

Warm Up: PIX: Revolutionizing the Instant Payments System - Customer-Centric

Breno Lobo, Assessor Sênior do Departamento de Operações Bancárias e de Sistema de Pagamentos,  Banco

6pm - 6:20pm


Debate: The Future (or present?) Of Payments is Contacless

- Payment experiences integrated between different channels
- Consumer behavior
- Connectivity challenges
- Payments by Biometrics

Mediator: Talita Moreira, Repórter, Valor

Convidados:Mauricio Santos, Financial Products and Solutions Director, Claro
Alessandro Raposo, CSO, Zoop
Daniel Dórea Andrade, Manager, Digital Payments and Innovation, Carrefour
Rafael Ferreira, Head de Produtos de Informação e Inteligência, SERPRO
Breno Lobo, Assessor Sênior do Departamento de Operações Bancárias e de Sistema de Pagamentos, Banco Central
Eduardo Ariel Grunewald, Gestor de Serviços de Supermercados, APAS

6:20pm - 7:30pm


Tuesday, June 30th

Lecture: One step ahead: how 5G drives digital learning and transformation in Brazil
COVID-19 clearly showed that networks are essential to keep connected in all aspects. 5G will bring changes in all functions and levels of a business and is essential for the development of Brazil. In this panel, Nokia and OMDIA present an exclusive analysis of the 5G potential for different sectors of industry and the Brazilian economy in general, with reflexes on GDP and the panorama of digital transformation.


Wilson Cardoso -  Chief Solutions Officer, Latin America Nokia
Ari Lopes – Sr. Manager, Americas OMDIA

1:30pm - 2:20pm


2:20pm - 3:40pm

Debate: OpenRAN: Accelerating the Development of the 5G Network through its Open, Fragmented and Flexible Architecture

- Great range of network providers (and applications)
- New services and business models
- Importance of embedded intelligence at all levels of the network
- Capillarity of the access network - beneficial for Telco Cloud / Edge?

Ari Lopes, Analista Principal Latam, Omdia

Atila Branco,  Network Planning Director, VIVO
Wilson Cardoso, Chief Solutions Officer, Latin America Nokia
Marco Di Costanzo, Diretor de Engenharia, TIM    

3:40pm - 4pm

Use Case: Connecting millions of People to Broadband Services – An Experience from Peru using OpenRAN

Mediator: Ari Lopes, Principal Analyst Latam, Omdia

José Aguilar, Director General de Políticas y Regulación en Comunicaciones, Ministerio de Transportes y Comunicaciones, Peru

4pm - 6pm - BREAK

6pm - 6:20pm

Keynote: Private Networks in the 5G Scenario
Leonardo Euler de Morais, Presidente, Anatel 

6:20pm - 7:30pm

Debate: AlwaysON Connectivity: The Growth of Private Corporate Networks with the arrival of 5G

- Private network x public network
- Spectrum management / efficient use of frequencies
- New network players: implementation and operation of networks
- Private LTE networks vs. 5G private networks

Ari Lopes, Analista Principal Latam, Omdia

Gianna Sagazio, Diretora de Inovação, CNI
Mario Azevedo, Head de Produtos IIoT & Conectividade Industrial, Vale
Heron Fontana, Superintendente de Smart Grid, Neoenergia
Leonardo Finizola, Diretor de Novos Negócios, Nokia 

Wednesday, July 1st

2pm - 2:20pm

Warm up: The Future of Work, Business and Organizations
André Souza, CEO, Futuro S/A 

2:20pm - 3:45pm

Debate: Importance of Digital Strategy aligned to the Business Purpose in an exponentially VUCA World

- Simplified crisis management plan
- Communication / tuning with other departments
- Agile and multifunctional teams
- Behavior and People
- Client as a driver of change


Mediator: Rui Maciel, Reporter sênior



Luzia Sarno, CIO, Grupo Fleury
Mauricio Mazza, CIO, Mercedes Benz
Fabiano Sant´Ana, consultor independente

3:45pm - 6pm - BREAK

6pm - 6:20pm

Fireside Chat: Essential Skills and Posture to Deal with Post Pandemic Challenges

José Claudio Securato, CEO, Escola de Negócios Saint Paul

6:20pm - 7:30pm

Debate: From Survival to Success: The Role of Leadership in Radically Uncertain Scenarios

- Making decisions amid uncertainty
- Transparent and effective communication
- "Mobile" team management
- Emotional complexity
- Rethinking business models
- Adoption of digital solutions
- How can large corporations increase the survival of small and medium-sized businesses by strengthening their ecosystem?

Moderator: André Miceli, CEO, MIT Technology Review Brasil

Gustavo Estrella, Presidente, CPFL Energia 
Juliana Azevedo, Presidente, Procter & Gamble
Andrea Salgueiro, Presidente, Whirlpool

Thursday, July 2nd

2pm - 2:20pm

Warm up: Show me the Future: How the World will look like after Pandemic?

Rosa Alegria, CEO, Projeto Millenium 

Debate: Three years of Digital Transformation in three months: What will society be like from the point of view of health, education, economic and social in 2022?

- How will be the consumer x business relationship?
- What will be the management model and structure?

Moderador: Leticia Toledo, Infomoney

Sidney Klajner, Presidente, Sociedade Beneficente Israelita Brasileira Albert Einstein
Luis Cabral, Vice President, Caribbean and Latin America, CSG

Carlos Melles, Diretor Presidente, SEBRAE

Dr. Anderson Correa, Reitor, ITA

2:20pm - 3:45pm


3:45pm - 6pm - BREAK

Debate: The Telecommunications Ecosystem as a enabling platform  for the Digital Revolution

- ICT network as a fundamental support for the digital revolution
- Enabling 5G in the adoption of exponential technologies and the development of new business models
- Consumer in focus: offers and solutions that provide a better user experience
- Role of the Sector for the new society more focused on the needs of citizens


Moderador: Marcos Ferrari, Presidente, Sinditelebrasil


Ken Kennedy, EVP & President, Technology and Product, CSG

Carlos Eduardo Medeiros, Diretor de Regulamentação e Assuntos Institucionais, Oi

António Nunes, CEO, Angola Cables

Leonardo Capdeville, CTIO, TIM


6:00pm - 7:30pm


Monday, June 22nd


Opening Remarks

Hermano Junior, Technology & Infrastructure Portfolio Director, Informa Markets

2:05pm - 2:25pm

Overview: ICT Electronic Government, a NIC.br study
Demi Getschko, President, Nic.br

2:25pm - 3:45pm

Debate: Smart Cities in the Post-Pandemic: Essential Strategies for Economic Recovery in the Life of Cities

- Mobility
- Local Business
- Connected Citizen & social interaction

Hermano Jr., Diretor Infraestrutura & Tecnologia, Informa Markets


Abraão Balbino, Superintendente de Competição, Anatel
Cris Alessi, Presidente, Fórum Inova Cidades 
Nilton Molina, Presidente, Instituto de Longevidade Mongeral Aegon 
Mauro Calliari, Editor, Caminhadas Urbanas - Estadão

3:45pm - 6pm - BREAK

Monday, June 22nd

6pm - 6:20pm

Warm up: Technology at the service of Justice

Ministra Maria Cristina Peduzzi, Presidente do Tribunal Superior do Trabalho (TST) e do Conselho Superior da Justiça do Trabalho (CSJT)

6:20pm - 7:30pm

Debate: Justice 4.0 - The Importance of Technology Adoption in Continuing Jurisdictional Provision

- Online courts
- IT / connectivity challenges
- Use of artificial intelligence to obtain solution proposals by algorithms
- Security in home office access / encryption authenticity and integrity to digital documents
- Culture change

Mediator: Ademir Piccoli, Sócio Diretor, Piccoli Consultoria

Fabio Correa Xavier, Diretor do Departamento de Tecnologia da Informação, Tribunal de Contas do Estado de São Paulo 
Francisco Luciano Lima Rodrigues, Desembargador, Tribunal de Justiça do Estado do Ceará 

Tuesday, June 23rd

2pm - 2:20pm

Fireside Chat: Using Technologies to Exterminate the Pandemic - South Korea's Example
Chan-woo Kim - Embaixador da República da Coreia na República Federativa do Brasil

2:20pm - 3:45pm

Debate: Convergence of IoT, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain: Defining the Future of Business

- Why benefit from the accelerated ability to analyze large amounts of data?
- How will this convergence of technology promote the improvement of data exchange?
- When to integrate and orchestrate different platforms / technologies?

Jefferson Denti, Deloitte 


Paulo Alvarenga, CEO Latam, ThyssenKrupp
André Costa, CIO, Grupo CCR
Wilson Leal, CIO, Tokio Marine 
Antonio Carlos Neves, CIO, Groupe PSA
Carlos José Bastos Grillo, CDO, WEG

3:45pm - 6pm - BREAK

6pm - 6:20pm

Use Case: ConectarAGRO: More Productivity for Agriculture through Integrated Connectivity with IoT and Artificial Intelligence

Moderador: Alexandre Dal Forno, Head of Corporate Marketing & IoT, TIM

Convidado: Ricardo Moreira, Gerente de Controle de Produção Agropecuária, Amaggi

6:20pm - 7:30pm

Debate: Opportunities in Business Transformation with the Combined Use of Artificial Intelligence and IoT (AIoT)

- Accelerating / automating choices
- Cost reduction / greater competitiveness
- How to develop a transformation strategy?
- How to leverage resources / financing?

Paulo José Spaccaquerche, Presidente, ABINC


Marcello Borges, CIO, Grupo Queiroz Galvão
Helder Canelas, Head of Service BU Latin America, ThyssenKrupp
João Emilio Rocheto, Presidente, Bem Brasil
Carlos Alexandre Jorge Da Costa, Secretário Especial de Produtividade, Ministério da Economia

Marcelo Pinto, Diretor,WEG

Wednesday, June 24th

2pm - 2:20pm

Fireside Chat: Cybersecurity in Establishing 5G Networks

Arthur Pereira Sabbat, Diretor do Departamento de Segurança da Informação, Gabinete de Segurança Institucional da Presidência da República

2:20pm - 3:45pm

Debate: Vulnerability Management: Dealing with the Increasing Volume and Complexity of Devices Connected to the Network

-Developing a data governance strategy
- Supply chain management
- Use of artificial intelligence and behavioral analysis against threats

Paulo Pagliusi, Partner, KPMG

Daniel Sobral, CISO, Alpargatas
José Alberto Torres, CISO, Ministério da Justiça

Márcia Tosta, Gerente Executiva de Tecnologia da Informação, Petrobrás

William Pinho Rodrigues, CISO, Grupo NC | EMS

LGPD and its impacts on digital relationships
André Sucupira, Gerente Jurídico no Serpro

3:40pm - 4:20pm


4:20pm - 6pm - BREAK

6pm - 6:20pm

Fireside Chat: National Cybersecurity Strategy (E-Cyber)

João Pedro Paro, Consultor Regulatório Internacional na Área de Cibersegurança

Moderador: Eder Souza, CTO, e-Safer

18:20 - 19:30

Debate: How to increase cyber resilience in organizations?

- Prevention and impacts of a business security incident
- Home office & cyber awareness
- Access management and monitoring

Moderador: Eder Souza, CTO, E-Safer


Vitor Sena, CISO, Gerdau
Cassio Menezes, CISO,  Allianz Brasil 
Longinus Timochenco, CISO, Kabum!
Mihran Kahvedjian Junior, Head of Risk Management & Compliance, Grupo Netshoes

Thursday, June 25th

2pm - 2:20pm

Warm Up:  Creativity in Difficult Times

Lucas Foster, Founder, World Creativity Day

2:20pm - 3:45pm

Debate: How to (re)invent Business in Times of Crisis?

- Why is it important first of all to understand what has changed in people in their different roles in times of crisis?
- How to pivot business models? Speed, granularity and scale
- What are the strategic paths to follow to evolve?

Mediator: Flávia D´Angelo, Editora, Channel 360

Bruno Machado, Diretor de Transformação Digital, Amil
Igor Senra, Fundador e Presidente, Cora
Reinaldo Sima, Diretor de Transformação Digital, MRV Engenharia
Christian Horst, CIO, Sequoia Soluções Logísticas

3:45pm - 6pm - BREAK

6pm - 6:20pm

Innovation incorporated into the Organization's daily life led by the CEO

Guilherme Soarez, Co-CEO, SingularityU Brazil, e VP, Ânima Educação

6:20pm - 7:30pm

Innovation, Adaptation or Digital Transformation? What is the Role of Pandemics in Business Digitization?

Mediator: Jamile Sabatini, Diretora de Inovação e Fomento, ABES

Rafael Tobara, CIO, Sapore
Alexandre Santos, CTIO, Light 
Daniel Knopfholz, CIO, O Boticário
Gabriela Diuana, Diretora de Transformação Digital, Cogna Educação