Futurecom is a requirement in a scenario where markets, relations, resources and processes change the whole time.

Why do you need to visit Futurecom?


• Futurecom is the only B2B platform in Latin America that comprises the entire spectrum of Telecommunications, Communication and Information Technology for the needs of the industry ecosystem.

• Hyper-connectivity brought by the new communications technologies, coupled with the breakdown of paradigms made possible by new disruptive technologies, opens space for the transformation of value chains, the creation of new industries
and the interaction between different segments of the economy

• Presence of the main Technology players

• Opportunity of professional update and experience exchange with more than 300 national and international panelists

• International congress with more than 20 panels in the 12 simultaneous auditoriums

• Experiencing the future of the ICT and digital transformation in Latin America

• Parallel events and thematic pavilions of technology for the sectors: financial, governmental, judicial, information security, startups and entrepreneurship.

• Excellent opportunity to know the most recent technologies and most innovative products