StartUp Session

Startup Session is an exclusive session of Startup Farm, held in partnership with Futurecom, of a strategic and social nature, aiming to encourage technological entrepreneurship and promote Brazilian startups.

During the 3 days of the event, the startups selected have the opportunity to participate in the Startup Wall, an exhibition within Futurecom where entrepreneurs have a space to promote and promote their projects to a select audience in the technology sector.

On the last day of the Congress, the selected Startups pitch for investors, exhibitors and visitors. This session is open to all participants of the Event.

Check out below who are the startups who are participating in the @Farm Acceleration Program (Ahead2) and have a great chance of being at Futurecom!

Evap is an application that offers sales of auto parts and mechanical services through affiliated workshops, enabling the consumer to buy the parts via mobile that is delivered to the chosen destination in a simple, safe and agile way.

Homix is a platform for corporate ordering, payment and repair management in residential real estate. Robotics is a startup specialized in using 3D technology and artificial intelligence to understand and predict human behavior. It is the company behind Wheelie, the first computer program capable of translating facial expressions into commands to control things.

Legal Insights , of Innovaviz, is an Analytics and Artificial Intelligence platform for the corporate legal department, focused on reducing costs and risks, increasing the predictability level of legal liabilities.

InCast is a platform that connects digital influencers and artists with brands in Brazil and the USA, facilitating the process of meeting and contracting micro-influencers of social networks.

NuMooh is an offline media marketing platform that allows more transparency and speed in the process of choosing the media, reducing the time of contracting campaigns from months to days. It also offers an easy and fast way to manage advertisements in different media.

Pocket Health Lab has a technology that seeks to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes through affordable, low-cost and low-intervention devices.

Total Cross is a unique platform that enables Java developers to create Apps and distribute to iOS, Android and desktops with a single JAVA source code. is an artificial intelligence solution that enables multiple customer service in real time, encouraging the engagement of a successful and efficient way. The system offers customizable messages and allows the optimization of time and resources, evolving with each new interaction with the user.

2016 Photos


1º - Rapidoo

2º - GoEPIK

3º - Mokation e LegalBot


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