Content Tracks

Futurecom offers the best Technology and Digital Transformation event and each edition also prioritizes content innovation. As a positive surprise, we have included new stages and content tracks that address technology for the following sectors: Payment Methods & Digital Identification of New Stages and Content Tracks, users, Government, Judicial Branch, Information Security, Entrepreneurship and much more.

Completely restructured and considered to be the only event that discusses the transformations promoted by Technology in the market relationships between telcos, corporations and stakeholders interested in increasing the engagement of the target public even further, Futurecom is repositioning itself as a brand and has increased the number of events held during its completion.

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Macro themes


Technologies and Solutions that enable the connection of things, people and companies intensively and extensively, allowing new market relations to become feasible.

Technologies for Digital Rupture

Technologies and Solutions, whose availability in the market, change business deeply and the way we do it, bringing new sources of revenues, innovative approaches regarding client experience and revolutionary inter-relations amid value chains, in summary, technological disruption and its effects on business.

Digital Transformation Solutions

Companies are constantly changing over time; however, the generalized digitalization of products and services and the confluence of technologies have accelerated the rhythm in which business has been evolving nowadays and the degree to which it transforms the way it innovates, operates and serves customers.

The constant remodelling of society and economy provided by digital transformation, imposes new challenges to Government activity – that must adapt to the needs of citizens who demand efficient, digital and accessible services. Applications, chatbots and digital service platforms, for example, are resources that have been increasingly adopted by these organs.
Do public servants have a mindset dedicated to the digital culture necessary to promote digital transformation of public services in Brazil?
The content will be presented in the speaker’s native language.



The modern hyperconnected consumer expects faster and safer purchasing experiences, available through any kind of device, wherever they are, at any time. How have payment method companies and players adapted to consumer needs?
FUTURE PAYMENT will gather the main players from the payment methods ecosystem during three whole days of an intense agenda.

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In general terms, FUTURE JUD proposes to bring and encourage debates presenting the main consolidated cases regarding artificial intelligence, IoT, machine learning and bots among other disruptive technologies, through technology leaders from federal, regional and municipal courts, boards, focused on providing efficient, transparent, quick and responsible services to citizens – as well as eliminating the bureaucracy of internal processes and routines.
Are public servants prepared for extraordinary changes?
The content will be presented in the speaker’s native language.